Tyne Tees BCC has access to the most attractive landscapes, historical towns and villages and the Country’s most vibrant cities.

The Tyne Tees Area of the British Caravanners Club was founded in 1964 and was originally part of the old North East Area.

In 1964 the North East Area covered the whole of the region comprising of the counties of Northumberland, Durham, Cleveland and Yorkshire, but with the formation of the Tyne Tees Area in 1964, that reduced the North East Area to the county of Yorkshire which subsequently sub-divided in later years into East & West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire area’s, and it is this structure which is still in place today.

With the formation of the new Tyne Tees area came a new identity, this came in the form of a regional badge represented by the two adjoining T’s. (designer not known).

A copy of this, can be seen at the top of this page,

This remained in place until 1977, when a competition was launched to design a new symbol to represent the area.

The competition took place during a camping weekend at Lambton Lion Park, Chester-Le-street, in the county of Durham and winning design was created by Eric Smith of Peterlee.

The final design speaks for itself with the representation of two of the regions most iconic landmarks, recognised around the globe, the design comprises of the Tyne bridge representing the north of the region and the Tees transporter bridge representing the south of the region.

A winning design which has stood for over three decades and is as instantly recognisable throughout the BCC sections today as it was all those years ago when it was first displayed.